Friday, July 01, 2005

Livejournal versus blogs

I'm a blogging veteran. I began my blogging life on Opendiary in June 2000. I finally wound up at LiveJournal, but I think I'm done with LJ. I'll probably phase it out over the next few months.

Livejournal Pros:

-Communities. Even when I stop using my LJ, I'll still keep my account for the purpose of communities.

-Easy to set up and use.

Livejournal Cons:

-Friending/unfriending. I'd rather not know who reads my blog and who suddenly decides to stop reading it. There's also the obligation to add someone back. It's kind of like junior high drama.

-Friends-only journals. I like to find new blogs to read, but if every single one of your entries is locked, I'm not going to read it. I can understand the desire to keep some entries locked, but I don't understand why someone would lock of all them.

-Many people (not my friends of course!) on LJ are just avid attention seekers. They'll post webcam photos of themselves making different facial expressions regularly. They all claim to be bisexual/polyamorous/vegan/cutters.

-No trackbacks. Granted, Blogger doesn't have trackbacks, but I'll be moving my blog shortly to and I'll be using WordPress.

-The info and comment pages on LJ users, and how you can't make the former look like the rest of your blog.

Blogs are the winner! :-) A few months ago I was content with my livejournal, but now after working on a blog survey for my company, I realized that blogs are HUGE right now and very cool! And once I am settled in my new blog, it's where I'll be doing most of my writing.

I'm excited about moving my blog to a service that has categories. These are the categories I'll have:

Greater Boston (General)
Greater Boston Restaurants
Things to do in the Boston Area
Massholes on the road
Local & State Politics
Local News
New England
New York
New Jersey
My Life
Organic Living/Environment/ETC
Politics (general)
Current Events (other)

I am quite excited.