Saturday, July 02, 2005

Kennebunk and Kennebunkport

My internship turned into a job at Backbone Media and I am quite pleased! To celebrate, Matt and I decided to go up to Maine to enjoy some lobster. We decided to forget the fact that Dubya's vacation home is there, and we drove up to Kennebunk!

We hit a little bit of traffic in New Hampshire...we probably should have waited to go tomorrow, in all actuality, but I'm glad we went. It would have only taken us about an hour and a half had we not got caught in traffic.

Anyway, we stopped at a little sea-themed miniature golf course in Wells on Route 9. It's part of the Sea Vu Camground. I actually got a hole in one -- my first ever. I still lost the game, however, after it took me about ten tries to get one in at a later hole.

Afterwards we went to Gooch's Beach which is one of the prettiest beaches I've ever been to. And it has a funny name. I kept trying to incorporate "Gooch's Beach" into conversation with Matt because I liked saying it. Gooch's Beach. Gooch's Beach. He was far less amused than I was.

For dinner, we went to Federal Jack's Restaurant and Brew Pub. Matt got an entire lobster, and I got lobster with linguini. Man, am I glad that I didn't order an entire lobster...because Matt, scientist that he is, felt the need to point out all of the lobster's innards to me. Ah yes, lobster guts.

Downstairs from Federal Jack's, you can buy beer! We bought three JUGS of beer and a box of assorted beers. The latter is for Matt's dad...the jugs are for us. :-)

There's a Gifford's Ice Cream in Kennebunkport. I'm glad I noticed it, because otherwise I would have gone to Ben and Jerry's! Not that I dislike Ben and Jerry's, but I always enjoy supporting more local-ish companies. I've blogged about Gifford's Ice Cream before...they serve it at Wild Willy's in Watertown but it had freezer burn when I tried it there.

Had a great day. Tomorrow we're staying in town, and going to the fabulous record store, Stereo Jack's, that specializes in jazz and blues. It's between Harvard and Porter Square. They've got other genres of music, too...Matt got a Donald Fagen CD there for $2.99. We're hoping to find some inexpensive Ray Charles albums.

We haven't decided what to do on the fourth yet. Hope everyone else has a great weekend!


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