Friday, July 01, 2005

Border Cafe? No way!

As a Jersey girl, I'm not a connoisseur of Mexican food, even though I spent seven years in California and I should have had ample time to adjust my palate to appreciate good Mexican food, it just never happened. I found that many Mexican joints were overly salty, with the exception of a place I once went to in San Diego. I still prefered Chevy's, a chain of Americanize Mexican food. They don't have Chevy's up here, but they do have them in NY now. (Two in Manhattan, one in Staten Island)

Matt is from Southern California, and does consider himself to be a connoisseur of Mexican food, particularly burritos. He's disappointed with the lack of authentic Mexican food in the Northeast. He finds it sacrilegious that I prefer places like Chevy's. I can understand, because Matt prefers the types of pizza that makes me, a half-Italian/Mediterranean Jersey girl, weep.

Anyway, it seems like the restaurant of choice in terms of Mexican food is The Border Cafe in Harvard Square. I've lived here for nearly a year and a half, and I've tried this place about four times. Everything I've eaten there has tasted like it was pure sodium. Last night I ordered a tostada salad and I had to go to sleep just to fight of the severe nausea it plagued me with. I thought a salad would have been safe!! The tostada shell tasted a little odd...kind of like a giant crispy Chinese noodle, which wouldn't have been odd if I were in a Chinese restaurant. But I wasn't.

I still live in Watertown right now, and I was taking the 71 bus home...I was so nauseous and spacy that I got confused and tried getting off where there was no bus stop. The bus driver was kind, however, and let me off anyway...I got off the bus across the street from Vito's Pizza and stood there disoriented for a moment. Then suddenly it occured to me where I was, and I walked home. I must have looked somewhat akin to a fool.

What on earth was in that tostada?


At 6:41 PM, Blogger Jessicool said...

The Border Cafe should try Tu y Yo or El Guapo, both in Somerville (about half a mile away from one another, on or near Broadway/Ball Square). Both restaurants serve "authentic" mexican food - Tu y Yo doesn't serve burritos it is so "authentic" (El Guapo does) - and both are fantastic. There's also a good place in Arlington on Broadway, that used to be called Ole, but it changed its name recently and I can never remember what it is. Also, for burritos, I reccomend Picante (in Central or Davis Squares).

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Kristine said...

Oh, good to know!!! Thanks, I'll try those places. Border Cafe is just gross.


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