Thursday, June 16, 2005

Root Beer cough drops

It seems like there's a bit of a flu bug going around here. A lot of my friends are feeling run down, headachey, and just plain sick. Can you get sick from a drastic weather change, or is that an old wives' tale? A forty degree temperature drop is pretty severe!!

I went to Walgreens to get some cough drops because my throat has been pretty scratchy. I had been sick pretty much all winter long, thanks to two regular babysitting jobs. I got so sick of cough drops. Citrus, cherry, Ricola, Halls mentholyptus, the ones from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, Fisherman's Friend...however, today I found something very different.

ROOT BEER COUGH DROPS, by Dad's Root Beer. Desparate for something different, I purchased them. And they're awesome. Now, I love root beer. I especially love all-natural root beers, and Hires root beer...oh, and root beer on tap!

Root beer on tap is different than your typical A&W root beer. It's less fizzy, and a little thicker. More like, well, beer. They have it at places like Wild Willy's, Sunset Grill and Tap, and Big City in Allston.

I bet they'd make good root beer floats.

That was a tangent. I just wanted to plug these root beer cough drops. They are good and they're helping me. And if anyone reading this is sick (if there IS anyone reading this), feel better too. :-)


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