Sunday, June 12, 2005

Luck o' the Irish

About a month ago, I wrote this in my LiveJournal:

While waiting for the bus, this little old Irish woman sat down next to me. She kept talking to me, and she saw me fishing in my purse for change, and she offered me a bunch of coins. "For good luck," she said, "because you're a wonderful person." Cute, huh? She was like a little leprechaun.

Today I saw her at the Park Street station and we both got on the green line. I'm sure she didn't remember me, or if she did, she didn't notice me. She was engaged in what appeared to be a pretty heavy conversation with herself. But the leprechaun lady brought me luck a month ago...and I hope today I will have good luck again! Erin go bragh!

I need some luck...because I have some cleaning and much packing to do, but the house is like a sauna.


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