Monday, June 13, 2005

A Line

I bet some of you have wondered why there is no "A" line on the MBTA green line. Newton Transportion Guide explains it:

When the MTA/MBTA lines were color-coded, the trolley lines using the Tremont Street subway became the "Green Line". There were 5 branches, labeled A through E from north to south. The Watertown line, which ran from Brighton to Newton Corner (then Nonantum Sq, and the original location of Mt. Ida College and the old Newton Library) from the late 19th century, and to the Watertown Car Yard shortly thereafter, became the "A" line. The Highland Branch became the "D" line.

Fate of the A and E lines: There were soon to be even fewer branches. The MTA had intended to replace all streetcar lines with busses, and ran their fleet of PCC's into the ground. In 1969, the MBTA (name change: 1964) terminated service on the A line, due to severe car shortage. The unexpected success of the D line also contributed to the car shortage. The tracks and overhead lines* remained until 1998, partially due to the influence of Newton's Mayor Mann, who wanted to see service restored. This line is now served by the 57 Bus (Kenmore-Watertown Yard via Newton Corner). In December 1985 service on the E Line to Arborway was "temporarily" suspended; the line now terminates at Heath Street and the 39 bus fills the service gap.
Pretty interesting, huh?


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