Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I scream...

Didja know that Massachusetts has the highest ice cream consumption out of all the states in the US? Those cold winter months don't deter the Massachusetts ice cream eaters...not one bit. And why would they? There's a plethora of fabulous places to chow down on some tasty ice cream.

What's your favorite? Citysearch is doing a poll

Not an easy poll! I love Cabot's in Newton, especially because you can sit down and they'll serve the ice cream to you.

I also love JP Licks, but it is a little expensive...although it is worth it.

Herrell's is another pretty good place, but I find their ice cream to be a little too sweet.

Toscanini's is excellent as well. Quite tasty.

I don't really like Coldstone too much. They give a sickening amount of ice cream, and I also find their ice cream to be too sweet. I'd also rather opt for a more local place. Some of the places are chains, but either Boston-area or Massachusetts chains. Nothing big like the icky Baskin Robbins.

I accidentally voted for Herrell's on that poll. Whoops. Certainly not what I meant to do. But I'm going to say that it's a tie between Cabot's, JP Licks, and Toscanini's.

Oh my. Now I'm craving ice cream. I've got some Cabot's moose tracks in the fridge...what else could get me through this heat wave, if not ice cream?


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