Sunday, June 12, 2005

I love some dim sum!

Whew. What a hot day. The weather forecast has changed since I last's not really going to cool off like it says. Welcome to summer, folks.

Anyway, Bev and I went to dim sum today. We went to Empire Garden Restaurant at 690 Washington St. in Chinatown. Very tasty. The restaurant was apparently a theater at one point...the decor is really cool, the food is good, and it's actually not outrageously expensive. Bev and I ate a lot, but it only came to $18 total. Not bad at all.

As far as dim sum goes, another good place is China Pearl at 9 Tyler St., also in Chinatown. Matt was skeptical that we'd be able to find some quality dim sum in the Boston area (he spent his whole life in California before we moved here), but there are some places to get some pretty good dim sum. And both places are reasonably priced.

After dim sum, we wandered around Downtown Crossing before the combination of the food coma and the heat exhausted us. We hopped back on the T towards Allston, where Bev lives, and sought out a place to get some bubble tea. We went to a cute place on Harvard Ave. Can't remember what it was called, but I got some refreshing green tea with bobas!

I'll write more later!!


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