Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I've always lived in a major metro area. (New York, San Francisco, and now Boston) Because of that, I've always had access to seeing fabulous concerts. My dad is a huge music fan, and he took me to my first rock concert when I was 12. (Elvis Costello)

Matt and I hit it off so well at first because we shared some of the same favorite bands. "How wonderful!" I thought, "He and I can spend summers to going to concerts together!" Last summer we didn't, really, with the exception of the Lowell Folk Festival, attending assorted small clubs featuring live music, and seeing Rush who I decided I find intolerable. And I'll tell you why we don't go to more. MONEY.

Is anyone else outraged about the ticket prices for big name acts? I feel like a sucker even considering paying so much!

I went to the website of the Fleet Pavilion -- oops, I mean Bank of America Pavilion!. Some awesome upcoming concerts...

Mark Knopfler, Elvis Costello (with Emmylou Harris), Crosby Stills & Nash.

Mark Knopfler tickets are $35 for the cheapest tickets. Good god. Same with Elvis. CS&N's cheapest tickets are $36...to be sitting probably a mile away from the performers. And it's not even CSN&Y. Young is vital for them to truly rock 'n roll. I paid $50 to see CSN&Y at a stadium a few years ago. Well, my dad paid it, actually. :-) Anyway, it was fun, but we were SO far away. After that I decided that I'm not a fan of seeing a band perform in such a large venue!

$35 for lousy seats to see TOM JONES at the Fleet!?!?! Come on! I can only think of one person who would enthusiastically see Tom Jones perform. My mom.

The Allman Brothers Band is playing at the Tweeter Center and the cheapest tickets are $30. I love the Allman Brothers. I spent $50 to see them 2 years ago in Berkeley, CA, and they still put on a great show. But I saw them at a general admission venue, so my dad and I weasled our ways down to the front. Great seats.

These classic rock acts are expensive because they know people will pay it. A friend of mine in California spent $100 on a really horrible seat to see Simon and Garfunkel. No way, dude.

These $30-something prices are not bad....but I think they ARE bad when you take into consideration that you are seeing these performers from so far away that you need a pair of binoculars to determine who is who! And when you're sitting that far back, the sound isn't even very good.

And think about the other costs. One pavilion in California does not let people with lawn seats bring in their own beach chairs. You are forced to rent one of theirs for $5. RENT. For five bucks. And don't forget the cost of beer and food, because you're not allowed to bring your own!!

So, give me an outdoor festival (NOT in a pavilion!) or a little club anyday! :-) I can see some awesome performers at the Cantab Lounge on any given night (including Matt and Brian on some Mondays) for free. :-)


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