Monday, June 13, 2005

The Buttafly Gahden and other fun stuff

I have no interest in science, which is ironic since Matt is a biologist. However, The Museum of Science is pretty cool. I've always gotten in for free with the kids I babysit for because they have a family membership...but I think it's definitely worth checking out, whether you're into science or not. It's in a neat location, too...half in Cambridge, half in Boston, which means it's over the river. Very nice views.

They have some pretty interesting exhibits, and one exhibit they have now is The Butterfly Garden. It costs extra to see it, but it's pretty cool. You actually get to go in there with the butterflies...they're really pretty.

The only downer to the museum is that 90% of the employees there are extraordinarily surly. They're as bad as the staff at Newark Airport or the DMV in Walnut Creek, CA. If you choose to eat the overpriced grub in their cafeteria, do not sit on the right side of the cafeteria, the part with the long tables. A big nasty lady might come out and reprimand you for sitting in an area reserved for school groups.

Looking for another fun thing to do when it's too hot/too cold/too rainy/otherwise inclement to hang outside? Paint your own pottery at Made By Me in between Porter and Harvard Square on Mass Ave. I've painted things there about three times...and I love it. It's fun and relaxing.

Lastly, if you want some soft serve ice cream (my ice cream post concentrated on hard ice cream), allow me to recommend Celebrity Pizza on 684 Mt. Auburn St. in Watertown. They've also got subs, pizza, burgers, etc...but I go there for the soft serve ice cream. It's inexpensive, too. They've got parking, outdoor seating, and they're right off the 71 bus line.


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