Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wild Willy's Grilled Cheese...

Thumbs down to the grilled cheese sandwiches at Wild Willy's in Watertown Square. Wild Willy's has above average burgers and fries. However, their grilled cheese is not great. They don't use real bread! They use a hamburger bun, and put the pieces of the bun upside down. Then they don't even cut it in half. And it's $2.50! Rip off! I should have just gotten a burger.

The ice cream they use there, Gifford's, is tasty ice cream, but in my scoop of what would have been yummy chocolate ice cream, there were chunks of ice and freezer burn. Not cool.

Get some normal bread for your grilled cheese, Willy! And do something about that abundance of freezer burn!


At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why would you order a grilled cheese at a place famous for its burgers? i'd compare that to ordering a taco at an italian restaurant. If you want a grilled cheese, go to friendly's or dennys. C'mon now...you're comparing apples to oranges !!!

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