Thursday, May 19, 2005

More trivia..

The Beantown Pub in Boston, Mass is the only place where a person can drink a cold Sam Adams beer, while looking at a cold Sam Adams. The cemetary in which Sam Adams is buried lies right across the street from the pub. Also in this cemetary are John Winthrop, Ben Franklin's family (minus him), Elizabeth Goose (more commonly known as Mother Goose), the five victims from the Boston Massacre, and basically anybody who was anybody from Boston in the 18th century.

Most of Boston lies on landfill. Only a small percentage is original land from when it was once a peninsula. If it is hilly, it is original, if it is wide and flat, it is new.

So far in the $14.6 billion "Big Dig" enough steel has been used to create a one inch think rod that would fit around the equator.

Enough cement has been used to create a sidewalk from Boston to San Fransisco and back...30 times.


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