Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's not a cookie, it's a Fig Newton!

Sorry to all the folks who read my livejournal...because you saw this posted there the other day.

Anyway, I'm moving to Newton in about a month, and I looked Newton, up on Wikipedia. Lots of interesting tidbits about Newton...

-The Fig Newton cookie is named after the city.

-The Stanley Steamer automobile was manufactured in Newton.

-Based on statistics reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Newton was the nation's safest city during 2003 and 2004.

-The Jackson Homestead, now The Newton History Museum at the Jackson Homestead, was once a farmhouse in the Federal style built in Newton in 1809. It is now a museum with paintings, costumes, photographs, manuscripts, maps and historical artifacts. It was also a stop on the underground railroad.

* Russell Banks, prolific writer, was born in Newton in 1940.
* Edward W. Brooke, Massachusetts attorney general (1962-1966) and U.S.
Senator (1966-1978), was the first black senator to be elected by popular vote and lived in Newton for many years.
* Thomas Bulfinch, bank clerk and author of the famous Age of Fable, was born in Newton in 1796.
* Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, was born in Newton in 1941.
* Jack Lemmon, Oscar-winning actor, was born in Newton in 1925.
* Matt LeBlanc, of the sitcom Friends, was born in Newton in 1967.
* Robert Morse, actor, was born in Newton in 1931.
* Anne Sexton, poet and writer, was born in Newton in 1928.
* Ephraim Williams, Colonel in the colonial militia during the French and Indian War and benefactor of Williams College was born in Newton in 1715.
* Howard Zinn, radical historian and author of A People's History of the United States, lives in Newton.
* Seiji Ozawa, retired director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, lived in Newton.
* Julie Taymor, director of the acclaimed Broadway adaptation of *The Lion King was born in Newton.
* Mark Sandman, (1952-1999) singer/songwriter/poet and member of the alternative rock band Morphine was born in Newton.


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