Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"Hello, world!"

Here we go!

My name is Kristine. I live in Watertown, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. I have a livejournal, but this blog is going to be quite a bit different. One day I hope to get a domain for it, but alas I am cheap. So MSN will have to suffice.

This blog is going to be largely about the Greater Boston Area. It will be about places to go eat, venues to see cool bands, places I've visited...all in all, just fun stuff to do in Boston!

My boyfriend, Matt, and I also enjoy doing some localish traveling on the weekends. So my blog will not only be about Boston, but sometimes about the Northeast in general. I'm a tri-state area gal at heart, so we do make trips down there fairly often...so I'll write about places to go in NY, NJ, Connecticut, and Eastern Pennsylvania...and because I love New England, I'll write about places I've gone to throughout the New England vicinity.

So, let's get down to the nitty gritty...here are some places I frequent.

-The Reel Bar for Jimmy Nation Nite: one of Matt's bands, Custom Deluxe (a jazzy type band), plays there monthly. 477 Cambridge Street, Allston. It gets packed in there, but they have inexpensive beer, good music, and they let you bring in food from other places.

-The Tin Alley Grill for karaoke. We're there every Wednesday. I've tried a handful of places to karaoke in the area, and this is my favorite. It doesn't turn out to be filled with scantily clad blondes doing obnoxiously drunken renditions of "Baby Got Back", the song selection is good, and everybody who works there is really nice. Come join us for karaoke! 555 Concord Avenue, Cambridge -- by Alewife and the Fresh Pond Rotaries (used to be the Ground Round). No cover charge, either, which is awesome for a cheapskate like me.

-The Cantab Lounge! This place is very cool. I love Central Square and I love live music, so this is a great place to be. Matt and our friend Brian perform at open mic nights on Mondays. It's one of the best open mic nights I've been to (although Club Passim is good the Cantab's is more laid-back). They also have fun blues jams!! AND there's often no cover charge.

Those are some places I frequent; nightlife-wise. My next entry might be about Watertown diners...we'll see. :-)


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